Sunday, April 16

#94. It's been awhile..

Helloooo. It's been a while, a long while. It gets awkward at times when I chance upon this space and start to read what I've wrote in the past. Memories, the good and the bad, both made me who I am today.

I'm scared though, it's the last 2 weeks of Uni before I'm officially done. I don't know what I want but who does? I mean, I really don't. This is weird, is it suppose to be this way? Hmm. I get questioned a lot on what I'd venture into or wish to work as once I'm done. I've always believed that once I've found something I love, I'd know what I want. However, I've yet to found something I really love doing at this point.

It's a huge step. Can you imagine spending so much of your time, let's say 5days a week and clocking in 8 hours or so daily doing the same old thing? It's a scary thought. It's even scarier that I'm being rushed into it simply because that's what everyone else in the society does. I don't have a plan.

Rather, I don't have a long time plan. I know what I'll be doing next month, clocking in hours at TCL and killing my legs in the process. I also know what I'll be doing in June, spending 16 days in Kore then coming back to a newly renovated room. Sadly, not my dream room as there's a lot of things that can't be put into action given how restrained the space is. I too do know what I'll be doing in July, awaiting graduation ceremony and wearing the hideous blue robe with the long awaited square cap.

This is all though, what I've planned in my life so far. I got reprimanded for prioritizing leisure over future and subsequently fun over seriousness. However, I don't regret though. I know deep down I'm not into working yet, nobody ever is and as immature as I make it sound, I'm just not ready. There's only so much I can do once I start working but there's really so much I wanna do now.

It's a stretch to say I wish to volunteer overseas to help out those in need since I have problems even taking care of myself but just because I'm not capable to do it physically doesn't mean I don't wish to do it. I believe that we humans should always be thankful for what we're given. We should always b happy with what we have though it is okay to ask for more but what we already have should not be taken for granted.

I want to see. I want to feel. I want to remember how it is like for someone to be less fortunate than us but happier than us. It's easy to forget what we want when we always compare ourselves to someone that is more privileged than us but I want even more so to  remember how it feels when I see someone that is less privileged than us and actually try to make a difference in their lives.

They say a degree is all you need.  They say education is all you need. They say work experience is all you need. How true are those? More than often not, you've already lost yourself while trying to attain these. I want to find myself and like myself better. I want to learn things that can be totally useless but interesting to me. Everything I know is an asset. Why must I work and use it to show my worth? It's not that I won't work at all and have no plans to, in fact I do have plans to work and I know exactly what I should avoid but I don't want to just be an application that appears on table top and forgotten after wards.

Is my image problematic? Or are the words I said taken with less seriousness? I don't know though, I don't get what others don't know because I know and I don't see why I need to let others know when all that it affects is still me after all.

There's a guy too, someone I met online. I wasn't interested originally, it was just for fun then things went out of the app and go into chats. It reminded me a lot of the past. The thought, the way things are, the words used and the actions made. It is weird though, like I saw a replica. It's even weirder that I allowed myself to dive into it. We're friends, it's clear we're friends, we've talked about it and ended up still being friends.

I wish I had something to offer, I really wish I do but I have none, Is it my fault? I can be alone. We both can be alone but I'm happier and I laugh more when he's around. Our intentions were different when we ventured in but somehow our paths crossed and we ended up where we're today. It's tough actually, trying to make things work when you're not even hoping to try at all.

Dating and being in a relationship is very different to me. Even dating has two different categories in my opinion. I don't want a shell with no soul. Neither would I want to offer a shell with no soul. It's tough though as we have our own demons to fight and our own problems to get over. Yet we chose to stay for the fun.

"What are we now?". Third time's the charm but how much charm do I want it to spare on this? My mind's a blank though. I need to sort out my own feelings to not be invested into this. Matters momentarily won Mind earlier on but I guess it's time to let Mind win over Matters now.

It's all quite interesting though, knowing how my life is changing. I hope I survive, after all, what goes around comes around.

With love, xoxo.

Thursday, December 10

#93. Samplestore »» Essential Leave On Treatment (CC Oil & Night Care Milk) [ADV]

Hello guys. I'm currently in the middle of my final finals for the year before a well deserved break but as all that comes into play, I've decided to update my space here about these products that I was recently introduced to.

You know the phrase that is always by my mouth, “头可断,头发不可乱”, translated to it's ok if I lose my mind but it's not ok if my hair is messy.Well, I take it very seriously. Especially with my never dying obsession towards my long hair, I make it a point to pamper them with lots of products no matter how busy I am.

P.S. My hair is towards the dry and frizzy side ever since I straighten my hair years ago and went through multiple colouring sessions as time passes. We can pretty much call it a mane now.

However, I realised that it's not the amount of products you use that matters but it's the type of products you use that makes a difference.

Essential's brand new Night Care Milk & CC Oil.

Essential Night Care Milk protects our hair from pillow friction by leaving a protective coat around eau hair strand and prevents misaligned cuticles when our hair rubs against the pillowcase, leaving it to be more manageable the next morning.

So I guess now you'll ask, what is pillow friction? There is friction between our hair and the pillow when we toss and turn at night, causing the cuticles to be misaligned, resulting in frizz that creates the 'fabulous' lion's mane the next morning. Of course washing then blow drying our hair the next morning would 'reset' the mane but I would definitely prefer to have a longer beauty sleep instead of going through this hassle and routine.

This is why the Essential Night Care Milk is my cure to it all! It intensively repairs and nourishes the hair in the wee hours of the night with it's rich yet non-greasy weightless milk formula that leaves our hair smooth and manageable the next morning.


  • Use on towel-dried or damp hair, or before blow-drying
  • Can also be used on dry hair before bed too
  • Pump an appropriate amount onto palm
  • Spread and apply evenly onto hair, concentrating on mid-length to tip of hair
  • Do not rinse off!

For better results, ensure that hair is completely dry before going to bed 
Moving on, the Essential CC Oil. It forms a protective coat around each hair strand and protects our hair from the 5 evil hair stresses, giving us a more manageable, less tangles and prettier hair. Plus I bet you didn't know that the CC in it's name stands for Cuticle Care. It has the same concept as the well-known BB/CC creams in make-up sections, with a number of benefits fitted into one product, 1 oil protecting our hair against the 5 hair stresses.


  • Use on towel-dried or damp hair
  • Pump an appropriate amount onto palm
  • Spread and apply evenly onto hair, concentrating on mid-length to the tip of hair
  • Do not rinse off!

For optimum results, use after Essential shampoo and conditioner

So I guess now you'll ask, what are these 5 evil hair stresses I keep talking about. They are my 5 biggest nemesis since I experienced all of them first hand.

Firstly, the Badass Breakage stress. This stress grew up in a tough environment peppered with violence, relishes in the sound of breaking hair strand and make them it's personal mission to snap as many as possible. Having won the hair breakage award for ten years running now, it has earned the title of being the ultimate badass around the neighbourhood.

Secondly, the Brazen Blow-Drying stress. This stress partners the seemingly innocent hair dryer to blast our poor cuticles with angry heat each time we blow dry our hair. It finds it's pride in drying hair into crisp stalks of hair, hitting you when you least expect.

Thirdly, the Spiteful Split Ends stress. This stress, armed with a black belt in hair karate can slice hair perfectly in a split second without even looking. Born with a strong desire to be unkind, it relishes any opportunity to practice it's precise art of maliciousness on gorgeous and healthy hair. Can you imagine that it's personal record for slicing hair is up to ten splits in one slice!!?

Fourthly, the Despicable Dryness stress, the double Ds. This stress loves to ruin happy endings and loathes the sight of gorgeous hair, absorbing moisture like a desert so that it can stay moist and bouncy itself.

Lastly, the Cruel Combing stress. It is quite impossible to avoid falling into this since it practically stalks you while you're getting ready for school or prepping for a date. Even when you're trying to look good, this stress uses it's cruel power to drag your hair painfully at every stroke of the comb. Very very knotty indeed.

The cure to them all? Well, for me there's only 1 but of you there might be 3.

Option 1. What I introduced above, the Essential Night Care Milk & CC Oil.

Option 2. Put this bucket over your head and viola! Like the age-old ostrich mentality, "If you can't see them, they can't see you too".

Option 3. The ultimate stress relief action. Some good ol' head banging moves. For better aiming and accuracy, do use the photo.

Be wise and make a good choice. Since after all, for option 1, both the Essential CC Oil & Night Care Milk are only retailing at $11.90 each.

Oh and not to be forgotten, FREE STUFF!!! Have a go at the Essential's Mane Hero Facebook game and combat the 5 evil stress brothers and Pesky Pillow King to stand a chance at winning attractive prizes weekly! Just simply click on the photo below and try you luck. All the best!

with love, xoxo.